What is Oral Drug Testing?

What is Oral Drug Testing?When we think of getting drug tested, we often think of going into a tiny bathroom and urinating in a small cup. While this type of drug testing is the most common, it’s not the only resource we have for drug screenings! What is oral drug testing? With a simple swab of the mouth, Texas Genetic Labs can immediately collect a sample and get results in approximately 32-48 hours! When you need results fast, oral drug testing at our toxicology testing TX lab is the way to go.

Detects Recent Drug Use

If you are in a bind and need a screening that will immediately detect drugs in someone’s system right after they have been used, oral drug testing is the right fit. Pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing are all great examples of when oral fluid drug testing is the appropriate choice. Since these collections are observed, it is considered highly resistant to tamper or alter the results.

Collecting In Our Toxicology Testing TX Lab

Oral drug testing is so easy that we collect it on site. No waiting to urinate, no privacy issues, no gender based challenges! All we do is swab within the mouth and collect a small sample! No more traveling to drug testing centers and waiting forever to get results. We will take the sample on site and then immediately run the results.

Fast Results in our Drug Testing Lab

Being a state of the art facility has its perks. Since we are a premier toxicology testing TX lab, we can utilize our equipment and staff to produce amazing turn around times for results. The actual test at our drug testing lab only takes about 5 minutes. As soon as we collect it, we begin to run it! Most negative screens will come back on the same day. Positive results may take up to 32-48 hours. When we report our results, they are always detailed and comprehensive, explaining any issues or findings that we discover. Additionally, our laboratory representatives are available seven days a week should a problem arise, or an unforeseen circumstance occur.

If you are a provider in the state of Texas and have a need for oral fluid drug testing, it’s time you call the premier toxicology testing TX lab. For more information on oral drug testing, or our other services, call Texas Genetic Labs, LLC. today at (877) 375-2165. We are glad to answer any questions you have.