Types of Toxicology Testing

Toxicology Testing Services | Toxicology Testing LaboratoryThere is one common goal around toxicology testing. That goal is to determine whether or not a patient, athlete, potential employee, fugitive or any other type of individual has been using drugs. When testing for drug use, it is very important that you are confident in the toxicology testing results. If you are looking for a highly respected texas lab to handle your toxicology testing needs, then Texas Genetic Labs, LLC is the partner for you!

Common Testing Areas

Our team at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC makes it easy to determine whether or not an individual is using drugs. Commonly, we help with toxicology testing in the following areas:

  • Athletics – If you are playing sports professionally or in college, drug use is not allowed. Often times, our staff steps in to help teams, colleges or smaller level athletic programs test to make sure their athletes are drug-free.
  • Employment – When you are hiring an employee, you deserve the right to know whether or not they use drugs. Often times, job offers are contingent on the individual passing a toxicology test. Let our reliable toxicology specialists give you the answers you need before fully committing to an employee.
  • Medical Settings – Primary care providers and other doctors use drug testing if their patients are experiencing odd symptoms like chest pain, panic attacks, nausea, or seizures. The last thing a doctor wants to see is an overdose, so our initial toxicology testing can help doctors determine if drugs are involved.
  • Judicial Settings – Drug use can often times violate an individual’s probation. Our staff commonly performs toxicology testing to assist with judicial situations where drug use is not allowed. Additionally, if someone were to be arrested for an act like assault or a car accident, it is important to know whether or not drugs played a role in their actions.

Toxicology Testing Specialties

At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, our team focuses on three reliable and accurate toxicology tests. These types of tests include:

  • Urine Testing – The most popular type of toxicology testing is through a urine sample. In fact, this is the only type of toxicology test approved by our federal government. If you are required to get a drug test for athletics or a pre-employment screening, chances are you’ll use a urine test. This type of test can trace a wide range of drug use including marijuana, cocaine, and opiates.
  • Hair Testing – With just a small amount of hair, our team in Texas can test for alcohol, amphetamines, marijuana and many other drugs. Using our hair drug testing option helps prevent individuals from tampering with their samples.
  • Oral Testing – Another great way to ensure your test sample is accurate is through oral fluid testing. One of our testing experts will collect a quick oral sample from inside of the mouth and can have the results back in 32-48 hours!

If you need toxicology testing assistance in Texas, our team at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC has you covered! Invest in any of our testing services and let us help you determine drug use. Give us a call today at (877) 375-2165 to learn more about the types of toxicology testing that we offer.