Toxicology Testing Lab TXThe body is such an interesting object. Do you sometimes wonder how all of the different parts of the body work together so seamlessly? When you ingest harmful chemicals into the body, your body becomes poisoned and much weaker. As a toxicology testing lab in Texas, our team at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC has a passion for studying and examining how harmful substances like drugs negatively affect the human body.

What is Toxicology?

The News Medical Life Sciences & Medicine newsletter recently described toxicology as “the scientific study of adverse effects that occur in living organisms due to chemicals.” These chemicals can come in a wide variety of substances including drugs and other natural forms. At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we focus on providing businesses, schools, medical facilities and other programs with reliable and advanced toxicology testing so that they can properly manage, oversee and pinpoint drug use.

Toxicology Testing Services

Our toxicology team specializes in providing the most accurate drug testing services in Texas. We focus on the following toxicology testing services:

  • Urine Drug Testing – When you hear someone say that they’re getting drug tested, the initial assumption is that it is a urine test. Not only is urine drug testing very popular, but it is also the only type of drug test approved by our government. Urine toxicology testing can test for a wide variety of drugs including marijuana, opiates, cocaine and many others. Our team can get your results back to you within 32-48 hours, which is considered a very quick turnaround in this industry.
  • Oral Drug Testing – The one negative about urine testing is that you cannot supervise the individual when they are collecting the urine. This increases the likelihood of a test being tampered or compromised. With our oral drug testing services, the entire testing process will be monitored from start to finish. Oral testing is best for catching recent drug use as you are taking the sample directly from the mouth. These results are also available within 32-48 hours.
  • Hair Drug Testing – With just a little sample of the individual’s hair, our staff can test for a whole host of drugs. This reduces the likelihood of the test being tampered with because the entire process is under supervision. Get your results quickly from our staff, typically within 32-48 hours as well.

Toxicology is an extremely interesting part of the scientific world. As a toxicology testing lab in Texas, we take pride in being able to provide individuals from all backgrounds with reliable and accurate toxicology testing services. Contact our team at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC today by calling (877) 375-2165 for more information on our wide range of drug testing services.