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Toxicology Testing TX LabAs a healthcare provider, offering the best care possible to your patients is your ultimate goal and having the tools that you need to do that is critical. Toxicology testing is one of those tools that can provide you with important information so that you can better serve the unique needs of your patients. Texas Genetic Labs LLC partners with hospitals, private practice physicians and other health care providers in Texas and around the country to provide both standard and customized drug testing services.

Drug Testing Lab Texas

Toxicology test results can give healthcare providers important information about their patients as they evaluate their symptoms and make determinations about prescribing additional medications. This can be particularly important when a patient has a history of drug abuse, addiction or needs to be followed closely when pain medications are prescribed. Texas Genetic Labs LLC offers fast and reliable results — often within 32-48 hours complete with a detailed, easy to read report that can be shared with patients.

Types Of Toxicology Tests

The team at Texas Genetic Labs LLC can screen for a wide variety of legal and illegal drugs via the following drug testing methods in our state of the art testing facility:

  • Urine Fluid Testing: The most commonly used toxicology test, urine testing is often used by businesses and athletic departments screening for illegal drug use. This method is approved by the federal government and is ideal for detecting drug use within one to three days of the test.
  • Hair Testing Services: Hair testing can test drug use within 90 days of the test so it is ideal if you need to assess long term patterns of drug use.
  • Oral Fluid Testing: Collection for oral fluid testing can be done without compromising privacy. Collecting samples is easy and fast – and can be collected in front of a witness to ensure no sample tampering occurs. Oral fluid testing can detect very recent drug use.

Trusted Toxicology Testing Tx Lab

Texas Genetic Labs LLC is a leader in toxicology testing and provides accurate, fast results that your hospital or health care practice can trust. If you have specific needs for reporting or analysis, our team can develop a customized toxicology testing plan that meets your needs. Based in Texas, we are also expanding our reach around the country with a reputation for reliable results, clear reports and a responsive customer service team that is available 7 days a week to answer any questions that you have. Call 1-855-306-8347 today for more information.