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Drug Testing DFWTexas Genetic Labs, LLC is a leading provider of drug testing serving McAllen Testing services to private practice physicians and medical professionals in Texas as well as around the country. Our goal is work closely with doctors to provide toxicology testing that can help to better serve patients. Many people’s first questions about drug screening is how effective it really is. Although a relatively simple question, the answer is a bit more complex. Although drug screening does have it’s place, if your are focusing solely on drug screening you could be putting your patience and yourself at risk. Unfortunately, too many healthcare professionals fail to see the difference between the two processes. This post will help to clarify the difference between the two, to help you better understand where they are each needed and when.

Drug Testing and Drug Screening McAllen

To clear up is that drug screening and drug testing are not the same thing. They sound very similar and are often interpreted as the same process but in fact, they are very much so different from each other. One easy way to distinguish between the two is to use some alliteration: “speedy screening” and “testing takes time”. Drug screening is almost always done as a urine test and will show a small list of illicit substances. This is a much more quick and simple test used for more small cases. Blood testing on the other hand takes quite a bit longer to accomplish and will be done either through the blood or hair follicles. These samples will be intricately tested for the presence of a more extensive list of substances including illegal drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol.

Drug screening is often used by employers to get a quick and cheap result. The great thing about screening is that you can get substances to show up that have been in the system for up to a week prior. On the downside, urine tests aren’t always accurate and can have false negatives or be manipulated by the employee or patient. Drug screens alone are not enough if you want accurate results. Hair follicles and blood cannot be manipulated and will always give you a spot on response.

The combination of drug testing and screening for patients with chronic pain can save your patients lives. When the doctors can get an accurate look at what’s been ingested into the patient’s body and how much, they can efficiently prescribe them what the patient needs accordingly. Sometimes the patient isn’t even aware of what medications he/she has taken and how it reacts to other medications. These tests will give the doctor a better look at the big picture and how to go about it. When using both screening and testing you will have the second pool of information to guarantee what you are receiving from the tests.

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