State of the Art Testing Lab Texas

 Lab Testing TxWhen running a medical practice, cutting corners when it comes to your patient’s care is simply not an option. Whether it be the service that they receive from your administrative team, or the time and commitment they gain from your physicians and nurses, your patient’s experience should be your number one priority. While it is nice to be able to do a lot of tasks in house, there is just not enough time in the day to be able to master every aspect of your practice. Therefore, it is important to team with external providers to assist you in the care of your patients. If your Texas medical practice is looking for a state of the art testing lab to partner with, look no further than Texas Genetic Labs, LLC.

Quality Control and Accurate Results

When it comes to testing results, it is important that your patients trust your findings. The minute they begin to question your analysis, chances are they will be looking for a new doctor in the near future. By allowing our experienced testing professionals to handle your toxicology lab testing needs, you will be able to offer added trust in the findings of the results, thanks to our highly accurate quality control program. The testing process never changes on our end. Each step of the testing process has been thought out meticulously by our research staff to ensure that your patient’s results are accurate and reported timely.

Drug Testing Options

Drug use is not going away, so it is important that our toxicology tests adapt to the ever changing drug products. Thanks to our state of the art testing lab, our facility can test for more than 100 drugs. Our primary drug testing options include:

  • Urine Testing – Urine testing is a very popular option that is commonly used for job screenings, disciplinary audits and other situations. The only negative around urine testing is that it is susceptible to being tampered with as it can be difficult to visually watch the patient during the entire test.
  • Oral Testing – With a simple mouth swab, our toxicology lab can test for a wide variety of drugs. Additionally, this type of drug test cannot be tampered with because we are the one’s physically performing the test under direct supervision.
  • Hair Testing – This more in depth drug test is also tamper resistant, however it does require a sample of hair from the patient.

Managing a medical practice is extremely difficult. Take a little stress off of your shoulders and let our state of the art testing lab at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, handle your drug testing needs. Call now at (877) 375-2165 to learn how we can help you provide expert service to your Texas patients on a daily basis.