State of The Art Drug Testing Services

Drug Testing Lab Serving Organizations In and Around Killeen TXOne of the reasons that Texas Genetic Labs LLC has developed a widespread reputation as a leading toxicology testing laboratory in the state of Texas is because of their constant drive to stay current with their equipment, processes and testing service. Our team understands that you need comprehensive toxicology testing service, fast turnaround time and results that are easy to interpret. Completing in-house toxicology testing services is cumbersome, expensive and takes significant time and effort. Instead of housing this within your health care practice or organization, partner with the team at Texas Genetic Labs LLC for fast, reliable and affordable results. We can meet your needs and help you solve this issue for your organization.

Customized Toxicology Testing Services

Texas Genetic Labs LLC can meet the unique needs of your health care practice or organization by offering a wide variety of drug testing services including urine, blood, hair and oral testing, depending on which method works best for you. We can customize a drug testing program for you and are committed to provide fast turnaround for comprehensive results, often turning reports around and having them back within 32-48 hours. These results come with a full report that is easy for a health care provider to review and understand. Our laboratory team is also available 7 days a week should you have any questions or concerns about the results that you receive. Texas Genetic Labs LLC now offers a secure online portal to view drug test results if this is more convenient for you. We employ a rigorous quality control process to ensure the integrity of all samples.

Current Drug Test Menu

Our toxicology tests are continually adjusted to test for the most current and widely used drugs on the market. Currently, our drug testing services test for the following sample as well as many others:

● Alcohol
● Amphetamines
● Barbiturates
● Benzodiazepines
● Cocaine
● Cannabinoids
● Opioids
● Morphine
● Marijuana
● Tricyclic Antidepressants
● Synthetic Analgesics

Toxicology Testing Partner

Texas Genetic Labs LLC has partners with medical practices, substance abuse clinics, mental health facilities, large and small businesses, athletic programs and many other organizations and agencies all over Texas and the country. If you think that your organization, clinic or business might benefit from the development of a customized, state of the art drug testing program, contact our laboratory team at (877) 375-2165 for more information. We can help you better serve your patients, clients or potential new employees.