Prescription Drug Testing Lab

Today’s world is unlike any other time in history. We have so much technology and medical research that millions of lives have been saved. Through prescription drugs and other forms of treatment, people are living longer than ever expected. However, with great strides in the medical field, there are always some negative components. Prescription drug abuse and prescription drug errors are serious issues that can have potentially fatal consequences. This is why at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we are a prescription drug testing lab serving Austin, Texas, and beyond.

Drug Test Types

Through a variety of different drug screenings, we can detect a plethora of not only prescription drugs but illegal drugs as well. We offer a wide range of testing options, however, our most popular are:

● Urine Drug Testing
● Oral Fluid Testing
● Hair Drug Testing

These options cover an enormous selection of prescription drugs so that you, as the provider, can best treat your patient. For help deciding on which screening option to use, our expert laboratory technicians will walk you through the ordering process and order the screening that is most appropriate for your patient.

Why Test For Prescription Drugs?

As our baby boomers get older, we have much more of our population on a multitude of drugs. Polypharmacy, the use of four or more medications for one patient, is not an uncommon thing in today’s world. With so many people on prescription drugs, it’s important to know that they are being used correctly. Did our 87-year-old dementia patient actually take her pain medication or has it been tucked away and hidden somewhere? Did our hypotensive 35-year-old patient get her meds confused and take too much of something else? Did our recovering addict really lose his prescription or did he already finish the entire bottle? These are only scratching the surface of examples of why prescription drug testing is so important.

Texas Genetic Labs, LLC is a dependable drug-testing lab that leads the industry on efficiency and accuracy. Negative results for prescription drug tests are given within 24 hours. Non-negative results are given to the provider within 32-48 hours. Our customer service representatives are available seven days a week to support you with both your ordering and results. If you are in Austin, TX, and need a reliable lab for prescription drug testing, call Texas Genetic Labs, LLC today at (877) 375-2165.