Pre-Employment Drug Testing Company

Hiring a strong staff is essential to the success of every business, big or small. The interview process offers information about communication skills, work style, and direct, relevant experience. However, interviews and reference checks offer only a quick and limited glimpse into the life of a potential candidate. With the knowledge that nearly 70% of drug users are actively employed in our country, pre-employment drug testing has become another important tool to assist managers in the hiring process. Texas Genetic Labs, LLC is based in Texas but provides fast, accurate and reliable pre-employment drug testing to companies all over the United States.

Customized Drug Testing Solutions for Your Business

Our state of the art laboratory offers several options for pre-employment drug screening and our technicians can help you determine which method will be most effective for your business.

Urine Drug Testing: Urine drug testing is the only method that is approved by the US government. It quick and painless for your potential hires and can screen for a wide variety of drugs including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, opiates, and many more. Urine testing is cost-effective and because drugs can be detected in urine for a fairly long period of time, you can feel confident that you will have accurate information.

Oral Fluid Testing: Oral fluid testing is the best method for testing very recent drug use, compared to urine and hair drug testing. This can be an ideal tool for pre-employment screening. An oral sample is taken under supervision, making it difficult to alter the results.

Hair Drug Testing: Hair drug testing only requires a small number of hair follicles, taken under supervision. Hair testing can screen for drug use over a more prolonged period of time, up to 90 days.

Accurate, Reliable, and Fast Pre-Employment Drug Testing

No matter what method of drug testing you decide is best for your pre-employment screenings, you can be confident that the team at Texas Genetic Labs will follow a specific, customized drug protocol to ensure that the results that we provide you are reliable and accurate. In addition, we get these results to you quickly as well. Our laboratory can turn your pre-employment drug test results around in approximately 32-48 hours so that you can make your hiring decisions quickly.

To partner with Texas Genetic Labs, LLC for your pre-employment drug screening strategy, call our team today at 855-306-8347 for more information.