pharmacogeneticsThe genes of a human are simply amazing. It is crazy to think that when it comes to our genes, we all have our own unique genetic makeup that cannot be replicated. While this is great, it does make it difficult for doctors to prescribe medication to their patients. One individual may react well to the medication, while someone else may react the exact opposite way. That is where pharmacogenetics comes into play. This type of study looks at an individual’s genetic makeup and heredity to help determine how they will react to various medications. The greater we understand genes, the greater control we will have on prescription medications. At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we specialize in pharmacogenetics and take pride in assisting doctors with medication management here in Texas. With our partnership, your patients dealing with chronic pain can continue to hope for a pain-free lifestyle in the future.

Pharmacogenetics Testing Texas

Research around pharmacogenetics has been ongoing since 1959, and there are no signs of research slowing down anytime soon! Also known as pharmacogenomics, this type of gene based research has come a long way over the last half century. Especially in pain management, pharmacogenetics has been found to help tremendously. Recently, researchers who attended the American Academy of Pain Medicine 2016 event found that their patient’s pain score levels dropped 55% on average thanks to a focus on their genetic makeup. These findings allow those suffering from chronic pain to have optimism in feeling like they’ll be able to reduce the amount of pain that they experience on a daily basis through pharmacogenetics testing services from Texas Genetic Labs, LLC.

How it Works

Our experts will perform pharmacogenomics testing on your patients whenever new medications are prescribed. Once that particular medication is tested, we can keep that record on file for future reference. The end goal is to reduce experimentation when it comes to dosage and medication management. Additionally, this will help reduce costs for your practice and your patients as well because you are less likely to prescribe medication that goes unused.

Whether you are a medical practice or you manage a hospital in Texas, pharmacogenetics should be something that you are taking advantage of. If you are ready to take the next step with your practices medication management, consider a partnership with Texas Genetic Labs, LLC this year! Give us a call today at (877) 375-2165 to learn more about our pharmacogenetics testing services designed to help those struggling with chronic pain management and beyond.