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PGX Test! Pharmacogenetic testing, also known as pgx testing, is a way to determine how your body responds to certain medications. The test looks at your genetic makeup to see how you metabolize and process medications. This information can then be used to customize your medication plan. pgx testing can […]

PGX Test | What is involved in Pharmacogenetics

Looking for toxicology testing services in Texas? Texas Genetic Labs, LLC is the perfect solution for you and your company. Leading labs all over the country, Texas Genetic Labs, LLC provides toxicology testing for various areas, including urine testing for employment. If you are an employer in Texas looking to […]

Urine Testing For Employment

Hiring a strong staff is essential to the success of every business, big or small. The interview process offers information about communication skills, work style, and direct, relevant experience. However, interviews and reference checks offer only a quick and limited glimpse into the life of a potential candidate. With the […]

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Company

Looking for a drug testing lab for your company? Serving El Paso, TX and the surrounding areas, Texas Genetic Labs, LLC should be your number one choice for all of your drug testing lab needs. Urine Drug Testing For dependable drug testing services, Texas Genetic Labs, LLC has got you […]

Drug Testing Lab for Our Company

When you think of a drug test, most individuals quickly think of a urine drug test. While this is the most popular drug testing option, it is also the easiest to tamper with. Since the entire process cannot be fully supervised for privacy reasons, the likelihood that a urine sample […]

Hair Drug Test Lab

While there are other lab testing companies in Texas to choose from, at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we make it simple to retrieve your accurate testing results quickly. Our secure, real-time reporting system allows you to access lab test results in the instant they are available. Accurate Drug Testing With […]

Online Toxicology Test Results

A toxicology screening test can tell you if someone has recently used a wide variety of drugs, including alcohol, illegal drugs, and even prescription drugs. Toxicology testing can be a useful tool for health care providers, substance abuse facilities, companies who are hiring new employees, trucking, delivery, or transportation companies, […]

Fast and Reliable Toxicology Testing (ANNA)

It can be said that a lot of rides on a urine drug test. It can determine if someone is able to keep their child. It can reveal if someone has been drugged. It can determine whether or not someone keeps their own job. Urine drug tests are an important […]

Urine Drug Testing