Oral Drug Testing Abilene TX

oral-fluid-testing-services-txWhen dealing with those that have a drug problem, it can be very difficult to speak to a patient, even as a clinician. When you are deciding to order a drug test, it’s generally because you have a pretty good assumption as to what’s going on. As a practicing clinician, however, we know that the one thing we never do in medicine is assume. Instead, we rule out. We rule out all of our assumptions, including drug abuse. If you are a clinician in the Abilene, TX area and you are lobbying for a reliable and trustworthy lab that will perform drug testing, consider Texas Genetic Labs, LLC. We offer all types of standard drug testing and then we take it a step further. Texas Genetic Labs, LLC offers oral drug testing services for those in Abilene, TX and beyond.

What is Oral Fluid Testing?

Oral fluid testing is unlike the others: urine, hair and blood. The other screenings require the body’s response to the drug in order for it to show up, meaning that it takes time to show up in a person’s system. Oral fluid testing is the best at determining recent drug use. It can detect drugs in someone’s system pretty much immediately after they have been used. This is especially helpful if you have a patient with reasonable suspicion, if someone was in a motor vehicle accident, or if you are screening for pre-employment.

Benefits of Oral Drug Testing

As stated before, oral fluid testing is the best at determining recent drug use. It’s also known for being a tamper resistant drug collection. What does that mean exactly? This sample must be collected under direct supervision. This means that no one can really switch out a sample with another or take in a different piece of hair. It is extremely hard for someone to cheat on this sample. However, oral fluid is only able to detect recent drug use. This means that you have a 24-48 hour window if you suspect you want to get a patient tested. Oral fluid can be tested for a variety of drugs. We perform oral fluid testing for the following drugs:

  • Methamphetamines (MDMA and its metabolite)
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates (morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone)
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

As with any toxicology screening we perform at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we have one of the fastest turnaround times in the country. The test takes about 5 minutes to perform and the results are ready within 32-48 hours. Negative screenings come in even faster, often on the same day as they are screened. For more information about our oral drug screening services in Abilene, TX, give Texas Genetic Labs, LLC a call today at (877) 375-2165.