Online Toxicology Test Results

Lab Testing TxWhile there are other lab testing companies in Texas to choose from, at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we make it simple to retrieve your accurate testing results quickly. Our secure, real-time reporting system allows you to access lab test results in the instant they are available.

Accurate Drug Testing With Quick Results

At Texas Genetic Labs, we strive to provide the most complete drug testing services with accurate results. We understand that our clients want results as soon as they can be delivered so that they can provide the best care possible. We offer the full range of drug tests to screen for everything from alcohol to antidepressants.  We utilize several different testing methods so that we can fully customize your drug testing experience according to your needs and your situation. Our clients and their patients can choose from blood testing, urine testing, hair testing, and oral fluid testing. Each drug testing method returns accurate and quick results for you.

Quick Online Toxicology Reports For Medical Facilities

For the medical setting such as hospitals and clinics, our online system allows physicians to manage their patients’ treatment protocols efficiently without the inconvenience of making phone calls or waiting for results to be mailed. At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we specialize in working closely with hospitals, clinics, and research facilities where we administer customized drug testing services. Fast online drug testing results allow our medical clients to deliver the most efficient level of care to their patients. Whether testing patients for polypharmacology or drug abuse, each hour without drug testing results is another hour for a patient without proper treatment or care.

Accurate Drug Testing And Quick Toxicology Reports For Employers In Texas

Our team at Texas Genetic Labs works closely with many different companies and their employee drug testing programs. We are able to deliver discrete, non-invasive testing to their employees and potential employees. Employers in Texas from every type of industry appreciate that our accurate drug testing results are delivered quickly and confidentially via our secure online portal. For our corporate clients, our quick delivery of drug testing results translates into less downtime and more operating efficiency.

Texas Drug Testing With Online Results

We are proud to offer the latest in drug testing from start to finish. At Texas Genetic Labs, we are able to offer customized options for drug testing and the latest inaccurate, confidential, online drug testing results. Call us today at 855-306-8347 to work with our team to develop a drug-testing program for your practice or company.