Online Drug Test Results Reporting

Let’s throw it back to the old days. Picture yourself working in a doctor’s office back in the day. You needed to know something crucial for your patient so you ordered a particular lab. You wrote it on a prescription pad and told them to call the lab office for an appointment. Poor patient calls the office, makes the appointment 3 days later and finally gets in for her blood draw. The lab is the fastest in the country and has some not-so-good news. It’s in the middle of the night and on the weekend so the practice is closed. We guess those vital results will just have to wait until Monday…

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of pleasant things in our past that we can refer to as “the good old days,” but the way we receive labs now versus the way we received them in the past is most definitely not one of them! Online drug testing results…Hallelujah! It literally saves lives. Texas Genetic Labs, LLC is proud to offer online drug testing results for our urine drug test, blood drug test, and hair drug test. This means that within minutes of us having the result, we can accurately share it online for fast and accurate reporting.

Personalizing Your Level of Care

As a state of the art lab facility, we primarily work with hospitals, private physicians and medical research facilities to deliver highly customized drug testing services for those needing specific and accurate results quickly. By offering online drug testing results, we are allowing our clients to better manage their treatment plans and medications for their patients, and offer a more personalized level of care. How exactly? Obviously, we provide accurate results, first and foremost. Additionally, all of our reporting is given with in-depth and easily accessible information regarding the results. No longer will you have to anxiously wait by the phone or worry about Monday rolling around to see if the results are ready. We make it simple and let you log in to our portal and access all of your toxicology tests with ease. This includes testing types like the urine drug test, blood drug test, and even hair drug test.

Fast and Accurate

The two most ideal qualities in a lab, right? We pride ourselves at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC for being fast and accurate. Our goal for toxicology testing is to have all the results back within 32-48 hours. This can be achieved through online drug testing results. This means that you have more time to formulate a treatment plan and do what is best for your patient.

So, if you are looking for a Texas lab that provides online drug testing results, call Texas Genetic Labs, LLC today. Contact us at (877) 375-2165 and do what’s right for your patient today.