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Respiratory infections are extremely serious in our country and around the world, especially for high-risk groups like children and the elderly. Diagnosis can be difficult to tease out quickly, making treatment even more difficult.  These infections can be severe and progress very quickly if not treated.  Molecular testing is becoming an excellent counterpart to a physician exam and clinical assessment to diagnose respiratory infections, allowing healthcare providers to order tests to detect a wide range of infections that are common in a particular season at the same time.  This gives physicians a wealth of information about their patients extremely quickly and takes some of the guesswork out of the process.  Texas Genetic Labs, LLC offers fast and reliable molecular testing for clinics, hospitals and other health facilities in Texas as well as around the country.

Leading Testing Lab For Respiratory Viral Infections

Texas Genetic Labs, LLC is a leader in providing fast, accurate molecular PCR upper respiratory testing to healthcare facilities in Texas and around the country.  We use state of the art testing services and equipment to provide accurate laboratory diagnosis and fast turnaround time for the test results so that your patients can be treated quickly, with the right medicines.  We also offer online reporting of your test results so that you can instantly see the results as soon as they are available.

Molecular testing is ideal for those with pre-existing conditions that make them vulnerable and susceptible to the most severe response to an upper respiratory illness.  Children who have been admitted to the hospital due to a severe respiratory illness, or elderly patients, patients whose immune systems have been compromised are ideal candidates who can benefit greatly from this revolutionary testing.

Laboratory Diagnostic Testing Provided by Texas Genetic Labs, LLC

As medicine evolves, Texas Genetic Labs, LLC promises to stay current and work closely with physicians so that we can help them better serve their patients.  With a wide variety of partnerships nationwide, our team of trained laboratory experts can serve and partner with medical facilities all across the country.

As we head into another season where respiratory viral infections will be on the rise, it is a great time to team up with Texas Genetic Labs, LLC so that your practice is ready to provide the best and most responsive care to your patients, giving them the best chance to respond to treatment and make a full recovery.  Call a member of our team now at 1-855-306-8347 for more information about our laboratory diagnostic testing services.