Oral Fluid Testing Services Brownsville

Oral Fluid Drug Testing Services BrownsvilleAt Texas Genetic Labs, LLC we offer oral fluid testing services using a confidential lab-based drug test. Our oral fluid samples are collected through an easy-to-use oral fluid collection method. Using oral fluid as opposed to urine means that samples can be obtained and capped on-site in the presence of a monitor. This helps to reduce the potential for tampering or a donor challenge later in the screening process.

Oral Fluid Testing Better Detects Recent Drug Use

Oral fluid is best for determining recent drug use, especially when compared to hair and urine drug tests. It takes time for drugs to be present in a hair or urine sample, whereas an oral fluid drug test will often detect drugs in someone’s system almost immediately after use. This makes oral drug testing a much better fit for a variety of applications, including pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, as well as post-accident testing where it’s very important to determine what was in a donor’s system at the time of the drug test collection.

Tamper Resistant Drug Collections Brownsville

Oral fluid testing only requires a very small sample that is collected while a donor is under direct supervision. Due to the fact that collections are observed, this form of testing is considered tamper-resistant because it’s difficult for someone to cheat or adulterate their fluid sample.

Simple Oral Fluid Collections Brownsville

With urine drug testing, a donor may not always be unable to provide enough urine to be properly tested in a drug screen. Additionally, other donors may not have the necessary amount of hair for a proper hair drug screen to take place.

Oral fluid testing is much different than urine and hair drug testing because of the small amount of sample that is necessary for an accurate drug test. Oral fluid can also help to eliminate possible invasions of privacy as well as gender-based collection site challenges.

On-Site Collections to Boost Productivity

Oral fluid collections are simple enough that they normally can be performed on site. This can help to reduce collection fees and lost productivity. No longer do individuals have to travel to the nearest drug testing center, they can simply submit an oral fluid sample in the presence of a monitor and continue on with the rest of their day.

Fast, Accurate Oral Fluid Testing Results Brownsville

Our fast turnaround times for oral fluid testing are extremely important to help influence quick hiring decisions. Sample collection for oral fluid testing typically takes approximately 5 minutes. As soon as the fluid specimen arrives at our lab, drug testing begins immediately. Negative screening results are most often reported on the same day they are screened, and positive results are confirmed, reviewed and reported within 32-48 hours. Included with these results are a detailed report outlining our findings. Should you have questions about any of the drug testing results, our laboratory representatives are available seven days a week in Brownsville to address any concerns.

Oral Drug Testing Frequently Asked Questions

What drugs are tested with oral fluid testing?

Texas Genetic Labs, LLC tests for:

  • Methamphetamines (MDMA and its metabolite)
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates (morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone)
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

What is the window of detection for drugs in oral fluid?

While every donor and drug can be different, most medical professionals look at oral fluid as the most reliable form of detecting recent drug use. Oral fluid is able to detect most drug use soon after ingestion and extend through 24-48 hours after use.

Interested in Learning More About Oral Fluid Testing?

For more information about oral fluid testing in Brownsville or any of our other drug testing services, don’t hesitate to contact Texas Genetic Labs, LLC today at (877) 375-2165.

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