Laboratory Testing Texas

texas-genetic-labTexas Genetic Lab, LLC, is a leader in providing accurate, state of the art drug testing to private practice physicians and medical professionals in Texas and all over the US. Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, offers a wide variety of lab testing for those needing pre-employment screening, athletic testing, substance abuse treatment, mental health screening, pain management clinics, criminal justice screening or forensic and postmortem examinations.

Comprehensive Lab Testing Services Texas

The team at Texas Genetic Lab, LLC specializes in toxicology testing services that meet the needs of the evolving medical field. Currently, we offer the following lab testing services:

  • Urine Testing: Urine is tested primarily to detect recent drug use. This is the method of testing currently endorsed by the federal government. They are also extremely cost effective and can give a quick and accurate result for many illegal substances.
  • Oral Testing: Texas Genetic Labs processes confidential lab based drug tests. Oral tests are taken at a medical office, capped and sent to our facility for comprehensive testing. Results from oral fluid testing can provide information about recent drug use – especially when compared to urine testing and hair testing.
  • Hair Testing: Hair testing can give you data about drugs that have been taken over the course of up to 90 days, ideal for situations where more long term drug use is in question.

Our facility can test for alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, opioids, synthetic analgesics, PCP, antidepressants, marijuana, cocaine, morphine, GHB and many others.

Quick Turn-Around Time And Large Service Area

Texas Genetic Labs, LLC understands that drug testing needs to happen quickly and the results must be accurate. Our team begins testing a specimen as soon as it arrives at our state of the art facility and we can generally provide results within 32-48 hours, complete with a detailed report that is easy to understand and share with patients. Whie some facilities make you wait up to a week for results — Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, turns around results in a matter of 1-2 days.

We partner with clinics, addiction treatment facilities, private practice offices, hospitals and labs to provide fast, accurate results at an affordable price. Call 1-(855)-306-8347 for more information about our services and developing a drug testing program that works for our facility. We can also talk to you about expanding the drug testing services you can offer your patients, which can increase the revenue stream coming into your practice.