Hair Follicle Drug Testing Texas

Hair Drug Screens Austin TXHave you ever seen a television crime show where they pluck someone’s hair and then go test it for DNA and then three days later they find out that their suspect was actually the killer? While there is a lot of truth to that, no one ever really goes into detail about how it’s actually done. At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we have a pretty great understanding of all the things that a hair follicle can provide for us, information wise. Now, while we aren’t talking about testing a suspect in a murder case today, we are discussing all the ways that hair follicle testing can help a practicing provider out! Hair follicle drug testing is a unique way to test a patient for a wide range of drugs within toxicology. At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we are committed to providing providers with a wide array of drug testing options for medical providers across Texas.

Why Perform Hair Follicle Drug Testing?

So, is it really like it is in the movies? Can you just grab a piece of hair and test everything under the sun with one follicle? In reality, we need about 100-200 hair strands that are cut from the crown of the donor’s head. While it sounds like a lot, it is a small sample on a person with even the thinnest of hair. Providers often choose this form of drug testing when they are looking for a specific type of drug that has been in the donor’s system for a while. Additionally, hair drug testing is a tamper resistant method of screening as it is collected under direct supervision.

What Does Hair Follicle Drug Testing Screen For?

The following is a list of drugs that our hair follicle drug testing covers. It is, however, not everything, so if you need to know a specific drug, our lab techs are standing by to help you order.
● Alcohol
● Amphetamines
● Benzodiazepines
● Barbiturates
● Cannabinoids
● Cocaine
● Opioids
● Marijuana
● Morphine
● Tricyclic Antidepressants
● Synthetic Analgesics

At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC we are proud to be a state of the art toxicology lab in Texas that offers hair follicle drug testing. Our results from this test are typically back within 32-48 hours. Every result is given with a comprehensive and detailed report of our findings. For more information about hair follicle drug testing or toxicology testing in general within Texas, give Texas Genetic Labs LLC a call today at (877) 375-2165.