Fast Turnaround Toxicology Test Results

Texas Genetic Labs, LLC has been a leading provider of drug testing services for many years. In all of our years of being open, we have never heard a provider say, “no, I don’t want my results faster. In fact, give them to be slower.” Why haven’t we heard this? Well for starters, we have partnered up with some pretty smart medical professionals and private practice physicians who know how to treat their patients. Secondly, we know that you need these results fast, so why wouldn’t we make an effort to give you the fastest turnaround times in the country? At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we understand that your work is important. We know that you depend on the results of our labs to treat your patients properly. If you are in the Dallas or Fort Worth, TX area and you are looking for a lab that yields fast turnaround toxicology test results, look no further than Texas Genetic Labs, LLC.

Fast Turnaround Lab

There are many labs to choose from in the area but when it comes to getting the results you need, you can’t beat Texas Genetic Labs, LLC. We feel that our lab consistently beats the competition because we understand that these labs are not just labs. These labs are people. These labs mean something to the providers, to the patients, and to the families that are waiting for the results. So our goal is to always get the toxicology testing results into the hands of the provider as quickly as we can. For most toxicology tests, we can report negative results within 24 hours. For our positive screening results, we can have an in-depth report to the ordering provider within 32-48 hours. This means that you can treat your patient as fast as possible.

Quick and Efficient

While we recognize that speed is definitely a positive, the other vital component must be accurate. We want you to feel confident in the results that you receive. This is why we provide an in-depth report for each test that is run. If something is confusing or you feel like you need further comprehension, our laboratory technicians are a great resource. We have laboratory technicians that are standing by seven days a week and available to help you with both your ordering and your results.

If you are in the Dallas or Fort Worth, TX area and are in need of fast turnaround toxicology test results, call Texas Genetic Labs, LLC today. Contact us and learn how to get fast and efficient results at (877) 375-2165.