Fast and Efficient Toxicology or DNA Testing

San Antonio, Leon Valley, and Alamo Heights, Texas
If you’re looking for fast and efficient toxicology or DNA testing lab, look no further than Texas Genetic Labs, LLC. With comprehensive and up-to-date toxicology testing menus and a variety of toxicology and DNA testing methods, you can count on our Texas toxicology lab to produce fast and efficient drug test results for any of your professional needs. Using state-of-the-art toxicology testing services and equipment, we provide comprehensive, accurate, and fast toxicology reports, making sure that you can make professional decisions quickly without having to wait a full business week or more for your toxicology report. Whether you’re in need of a toxicology or DNA testing report for patient care, criminal justice follow-ups and reports, law enforcement procedures, hiring employees, or otherwise, our Texas toxicology lab is here to conduct San Antonio, Leon Valley, and Alamo Heights, TX toxicology and DNA testing.

State-of-the-Art Toxicology Testing Services

When you’re in need of fast toxicology reports, you can be sure that working with a lab that has state-of-the-art toxicology equipment and testing procedures will give you the best chance of receiving fast toxicology reports every time. At our Texas toxicology lab, we are able to provide fast and efficient toxicology and DNA test results simply by staying up-to-date with toxicology and DNA testing methods, testing equipment, and test reporting. We don’t make you conduct in-house DNA or toxicology tests, saving you time on your testing so that you can get back to business without putting operations on hold or inconveniencing you or your patients, employees, or otherwise. With our fast toxicology and DNA test reports, you can count on receiving your test results in 32 to 48 hours, which means you can move forward without waiting for time-consuming results to make time-sensitive decisions.

Types of Toxicology and DNA Testing

At Texas Genetic Labs, we conduct a variety of toxicology and DNA testing, including hair testing, urine testing, and oral testing, ensuring that you have a comprehensive menu of testing methods and substances tested during toxicology tests. With each toxicology and DNA testing method comes different benefits and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand the difference between hair drug testing, urine drug testing, and oral drug testing, as well as knowing which substances you need to test for. You should also be familiar with pharmacogenetics testing, otherwise known as drug-gene testing.

Fast Drug Test Results

For a fast and efficient San Antonio, Leon Valley, or Alamo Heights, Texas toxicology and DNA testing lab, look to Texas Genetic Labs, LLC. We cater to doctors, criminal justice professionals, law enforcement officials, company employers, and more, and we’re here to make sure you receive fast toxicology and DNA testing results every time. To receive toxicology or DNA test reports within 32 to 48 hours and for a comprehensive, accurate, and efficient toxicology and DNA testing lab, contact us today at 855-306-8347.