Drug Testing Lab Serving Organizations In and Around Killeen TX

Drug Testing Lab Serving Organizations In and Around Killeen TXTexas Genetic Labs, LLC has been a leader in toxicology testing for many years. We have been able to lead the industry by building trust with our customers, and then in return becoming partners with hospitals, physicians and medical labs. We provide both standard and customized drug testing services to fit your needs. We work extremely hard to develop strong relationships with our doctors to ensure that they’re able to deliver the highest level of toxicology testing services to their patients.

Our office staff are well informed professionals that can provide you with the knowledge related to all types of drug testing, as well as the latest in compliance requirements. We provide services to many different organizations around Killeen, TX providing with toxicology testing for pre-employment screening, athletic testing, substance abuse treatment, mental health screening, pain management clinics, criminal justice screening or forensic and postmortem examinations.

At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we offer a variety of toxicology testing services to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry and doctors. We also offer the highest level of services to our clients to provide them with accurate results. Our most popular methods of toxicology testing services include:

Urine Drug Testing – Urine testing is a common form of drug testing that detects for recent drug use. This is the only method mandated by the federal government and is relatively low cost. Urine drug testing can detect for a large variety of illegal and pharmaceutical drugs.
Oral Fluid Testing – Oral fluid testing is a technique used by doctors to collect samples on-site without having to worry about privacy concerns. Doctors can collect samples on site by using oral fluid, rather than urine or hair. These tests can detect drug use almost immediately after the drug is consumed, unlike urine or hair testing.
Hair Testing – Hair testing is a technique used when you are looking for a longer term drug use history. It is the only method of drug testing that offers as much as a 90-day drug use history. Hair testing offers almost two times the number of positives because of its increased detection window, and therefore is a good way to understand longer-term trends in the patient.

If you are looking for drug testing for an organization near Killeen Texas, Texas Genetic Labs provides state of the art testing, along with quick results. Our results are fast and reliable that are easy to understand. We return results within 32-48 hours complete with an in-depth report that is clear and easy to understand. Our team of lab technicians is also available 7 days a week should you have questions about any aspect of the report you receive. If you would like to learn more about the custom drug testing services offered by Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, call (877) 375-2165 today