Drug Testing Lab Partnering with Medical Clinics in Texas

drug testingDrug Testing can save lives. Everyday people abuse drugs. Your best friend, your neighbor, your coworker, or the driver in the next lane at a stop light. No, it’s not a pleasant thought. At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we aren’t accusing anyone of doing drugs. As a lab that prides itself in keeping the workplace safe, we are a drug testing lab in Texas that is doing our job right, so that everyone around you can feel safe doing theirs.

Why Utilize Texas Genetic Labs?

There are many different professionals that partner with us in keeping the workplace safe. Sports organizations utilize our testing to identify if athletes are using performance enhancing drugs. Commercial drivers, like cab drivers and truck drivers, are regularly tested so that they can safely do their job, which has the potential to impact so many different lives. Medical professionals and men and women in the security industry must be routinely screened to ensure they can respond in the event of an emergency, and not abuse the privileges and responsibilities of their job. We can help in keeping the workplace safe by offering Texas drug testing services. Partnering with us can help save the lives of everyone within your workplace and beyond.

The CDC’s Opinion

According to the CDC, prescription drug abuse and overdoses are a major public health concern. In 2013, over 16,000 deaths were caused by prescription drug overdoses alone. The CDC also discusses worker’s compensation cases and the risk of injuries associated with abuse of narcotic pain medication while on the job. How many of those 16,000 lives could have been prevented if our Texas drug testing services were utilized? Keeping the workplace safe should begin to be a cultural priority that starts with a drug testing lab in Texas.

Texas Drug Testing Services

Texas Genetic Labs, LLC offers all types and ranges of drug testing. We are a drug testing lab in Texas that focuses on keeping the workplace safe and ensuring accurate and proper screening for pre-employment, annual checks, and random samplings. We can test all different types of drugs and give you quick, reliable, and accurate results.

Just as the CDC is concerned with the rapid increase in prescription drug abuse, we are concerned for our clients. Utilize our Texas drug testing services today as a step in the right direction for keeping your workplace safe. For more information on partnering with Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, please call us today at (877) 375-2165.