Drug Testing Lab in Texas

texas drug testingEmployers who support and promote a drug-free workplace report finding that the morale in their workplace is improved, that their employees display increased productivity and fewer absences, lower turnover rates and even less theft.  Many employers, schools and hospitals are instituting drug testing in order to cultivate a positive environment for all employees or students.  Texas Genetic Labs LLC partners with hospitals, medical practices and other organizations in Texas and around the country to provide fast, reliable and reasonably priced drug testing, working with your organization to customize a program to meet your unique needs.

Common Types of Drug Testing

Texas Genetic Labs LLC can conduct several types of drug testing depending on the needs of your organization.  The most common types of drug testing include:

Urine Drug Testing:  Urine drug testing is the most commonly accepted type of drug testing, and is used and endorsed by the federal government.  Urine drug testing is inexpensive and reliable and can provide information about multiple kinds of drug use including amphetamines, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, morphine, opioids and PCP.  Urine testing detects recent drug use.

Oral Fluid Testing:  Oral fluid testing also detects recent drug use–even nearly immediate use, which is different from urine or hair testing.  Samples can be collected at any location without concerns about privacy.

Hair Testing:  Hair testing is the only available drug testing type that can actually provide information about drug use over a period of as much as 90 days.

Texas Genetic Labs LLC Fast and Reliable Drug Testing

Texas Genetic Labs LLC is a leader in the drug testing industry, providing fast, accurate and reliable drug testing results usually within 32-48 hours.  These results come in the form of a comprehensive, easy to read written report, so that you have all of the information that you need to make an informed decision about your patient or in your workplace.  We are based in Texas, but are partnering with hospitals, medical offices and organizations all over the country to provide the highest level of drug testing services in the nation.

One of the strengths of Texas Genetic Labs LLC is the strong relationships we develop with our clients.  This allows us to fully understand your needs so that we can provide you with the best possible service.  If you would like more information about drug testing or would like to partner with our drug testing laboratory team, call us toll free at (877) 375-2165.