Drug Testing For Truck Drivers

Driving on the highway, you see plenty of 18-wheeler trucks traveling from one location to the other. The expectation is that these drivers go through advanced certifications and classes to become truck drivers. Another assumption is that these drivers are not under the influence of drugs. Unfortunately, with almost any field of work, there are outliers that need to be addressed. If you are a medical professional that provides drug testing services to truck drivers, our team at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC is here to help! As a toxicology testing laboratory, we offer a variety of ways for truck drivers to get tested.

Toxicology Testing Options

At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we have a passion for teaming up with medical professionals across Texas and beyond to help them enhance their toxicology testing. We offer a variety of drug testing options including:

● Urine – The most common drug test used in the truck driving industry is the urine drug test. This is the only type of toxicology test approved by the U.S. government and can test for a wide range of drugs ranging from marijuana to cocaine. The one drawback with urine testing is that it is difficult to supervise due to privacy reasons, increasing the likelihood of a sample being tampered with.
● Oral – With a quick swab from inside of the mouth, our oral fluid drug testing can test for many drugs including opiates, methamphetamines, etc. The collection of the sample is done under complete supervision, getting rid of the risk that the sample could be tampered with.
● Hair – Our expert testing team will take a small sample of hair from the individual’s head, directly from the scalp and submit it for testing. This prevents any tampering from occurring as well. The testing results from this hair sample will be available within 32-48 hours, which is extremely fast.

Detailed Reporting

Once our laboratory specialists at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC complete the drug testing process, we will provide you with detailed reporting around the results and findings. Simply a pass/fail result is not enough. Our reporting provides the fine detail around the results so that as a medical provider, you can address the issues with your patient. If any questions arise regarding the results, we have a dedicated team available 7 days a week to help you.

So, if you are a medical provider that handles drug testing services for truck drivers in Texas, a partnership with Texas Genetic Labs, LLC is a smart move. Team up with our expert toxicology team and take advantage of the drug testing options that we provide. In turn, the roads in Texas will be a safer place because of the truck drivers being held accountable. To learn more about our toxicology testing services, give us a call today at (877) 375-2165.