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Drug Testing Services | Toxicology Testing LaboratoryWith so many piss test cleaners and supplements on the market and the easy access that individuals have to them, the accuracy of drug screenings have never been more important. By simply searching how to pass a drug test on Google, you will get thousands of search results that range from products to YouTube videos which walk you through each and every step. What most of these websites and videos don’t bring up is how bad using these types of products and supplements can be for your body. Here at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we focus on providing businesses, schools, teams and medical facilities in Texas with the most reliable drug screening services around. Together, we can work to fight against drug use in this part of the country.

Piss Test Cleaners & Supplements

Aside from using drugs, there are some concerning dangers about using piss test cleaners and supplements that are supposed to help drug users pass urine drug testing. A lot of these items have not been fully tested or researched and may cause an adverse reaction within your body. Experts in the drug testing industry feel that tampering is tried on roughly 10% of all drug tests. This is not taking into account the tests that we are not aware of that may be tampered. Some of the very popular ways to tamper with urine drug testing includes the Whizzinator, piss test cleaners and some flushing supplements. The reason urine testing can be tampered with more easily is because of privacy. A tampered drug test could end up costing an employer, team or medical facility a lot of money down the road if the user continues to use drugs and make poor decisions.

Toxicology Testing Lab Texas

At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we understand that urine drug testing can be tampered with. While this is the most popular type of drug test, our team does offer a few other drug testing services that focus on making it much more difficult to tamper with the test sample. Our drug testing lab offers the following additional options to organizations across Texas:

  • Oral Fluid Testing – Investing in oral drug testing allows for the entire test to be monitored and supervised by one of our drug testing lab specialists. With a quick swab from the individual’s mouth, our team can test the individual for a wide range of drugs. This test only takes 5 minutes, and we’ll have accurate results back to you in 24-48 hours.
  • Hair Testing – Another great drug testing option is hair drug testing. This can be monitored the entire time by our staff and we even cut the hair so that the individual being tested has no control over the process. By pulling between 100 and 200 hair strands, our team can quickly test for marijuana, cocaine, opioids and many other drugs. The results will be available in 32-48 hours and our reporting team at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC provides you with detailed findings rather than just a pass/fail response.

If you are concerned about potential employees, athletes, students or patients using piss test cleaners, supplements or the Whizzinator to try and cheat a drug test, our team at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC has a solution. Give us a call today at (877) 375-2165 to learn more about our additional drug testing services in Texas that can be monitored from start to finish.