Customized Drug Testing Dallas TX

If a group of random people were all placed in one room and told they were going to be drug tested, how do you think that they’d react? Apart from the surprise element of testing, most people would start to think of reasons why they were getting it done. Is this for a pre-employment screening? Is it a random screening for my job? Is my doctor worried about me taking the wrong medication? Is my caregiver worried that I’m taking too much or not enough of a certain medication? The point we are trying to make here is that people are getting drug tested for all types of reasons. Every person is different. For this reason, Texas Genetic Labs, LLC. offers customized drug testing in the Dallas, TX area.

Have It Your Way

Wasn’t this once a Burger King commercial? While we have no Whoppers to entice you, we still want you to have all of the labs you need, your way! We are a leading provider of drug testing services in the Dallas, TX area. We have the capacity to use blood, hair, urine and oral samples to identify drugs that you, the provider, may be searching for. We like to think of this as our customized drug testing program.

Urine Drug Testing

As the only drug test approved by the federal government, it tends to be our most popular among clients. All of our procedures are standardized and done to ensure accuracy and reliability. There are hundreds of different panels for urine drug testing. All we need is a small sample of urine and we can deliver fast results.

Hair Drug Testing

Because it is non-invasive, hair drug testing has been growing increasingly popular. We have strict testing and washing protocols for testing so that we can ensure accuracy and remove other external contaminants that would otherwise interfere with drug test results.

Blood Drug Testing

Blood testing is not as common as it used to be. Why? Mostly because urine drug testing covers a wide array of drugs and is much less invasive. However, we still offer it as an option for our clients. With this being said, concentrations may be lower than that of urine, making it more difficult to trace after a certain amount of hours.

The easiest way to find the information you are looking for is just to ask! We have staff ready and willing to answer your questions seven days a week! Texas Genetic Labs, LLC will help you determine what customized drug testing options in Dallas, TX are right for you and your client. For more information, call us today at (877) 375-2165.