Customize Drug Testing

Texas Genetic Labs is a leader in the toxicology testing industry and takes pride in our state-of-the-art facilities, our dedication to being the best, and our professionalism when working with our clients. We often partner with hospitals, physicians, and medical labs which sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to build established and trusted relationships in the industry. We make sure that we deliver the highest level of toxicology testing services for our doctors so that they can share the results with their patients

Regular Toxicology Testing

At Texas Genetic Labs we understand the importance of providing the highest level of toxicology testing. When working with the hospitals it is pressing to know what the patients have in their blood in order for doctors to properly treat them and not give them medication that could counter with another drug that is in their system already. Our clients use the results to make the best decisions for their patients, and better monitor prescribed and unprescribed drugs. This is extremely important because it will avoid side effects that can be harmful and even fatal. Regular toxicology testing is especially important when doctors are prescribing pain medications if their patients have any history of drug abuse or addiction.

Pre-employment Screenings

We often develop fully customized programs based on your needs for your patients, or other practice’s needs. We offer an array of testing services and can complete toxicology tests using hair, urine, blood, and oral samples which allows us to work with a variety of different cases and be flexible with the needs of our doctors. We also work with medical examiners, forensics, the criminal justice system, and pre-employment screenings. Whatever your needs are for you, your business, and your patients we are here for you to design the test that will work best for you, keep your patients happy and healthy, and make sure that we do our job to the highest standard.

Today, we understand how important it is to get your results back in a timely fashion, but also to be able to check the results in a convenient manner. We upload our results to an online marketplace that gives quick online reporting so that doctors are able to easily login and access the results in a secure portal. Detailed reports allow doctors to quickly and accurately adjust patient’s medications and improve their overall well-being through close drug monitoring.