Custom Drug Testing TX

Custom Drug Testing TXTexas Genetic Labs, LLC has been working for more than a decade to provide physicians, clinics, medical professionals, businesses and organizations in Texas and around the country with customized, tailored drug testing solutions that meet their unique needs.  This allows those medical facilities, agencies and organizations to better serve and be more responsive to their patients and employees. Our entire medical team has knowledge and experience with all types of drug testing and stays up to date with all compliance requirements. So, if you need of toxicology testing for pre-employment screening, athletic testing, substance abuse treatment, mental health screening, pain management clinics, criminal justice screening or forensic and postmortem examinations, Texas Genetic Labs, LLC can help.

Drug Testing Methods Offered

Texas Genetic Labs, LLC works to stay current on all new and state of the art toxicology drug testing methods so that we can provide the best possible service to our clients. Currently, we offer the following drug testing methods and can tailor an approach to meet your specific needs.

  • Urine Drug Testing: This is the most widely used type of drug testing and is mandated by the US government.  Urine drug testing is relatively inexpensive and can screen for a wide variety of illegal drugs.
  • Oral Fluid Testing: Oral fluid testing eliminates the need for the privacy concerns that can come up when screening urine and physicians can collect samples on-site and cap their samples to be sent directly to our lab, without concern for tampering. Oral fluid testing screens for recent drug use and can detect drugs in an individual’s system nearly immediately after use.
  • Hair Testing: Hair testing can screen for drug use for up to 90 days so is ideal if you need to know whether an individual has taken drugs over a long period of time.

Drug Test Results Fast

In addition to being able to provide custom drug testing to your unique needs, Texas Genetic Labs, LLC provides fast and reliable results that are easy to understand.  So, you can count on getting results back within 32-48 hours complete with an in-depth report that is clear and easy to understand.  Our team of lab technicians is also available 7 days a week should you have questions about any aspect of the report you receive.  If you would like to learn more about the custom drug testing services offered by Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, call (877) 375-2165 today. We can discuss each of our different drug testing program options and will work to find a solution that fits your budget and your needs so that you can serve your patients and/or clients better.