Blood Testing San Marcos TX

Drug Testing Lab Serving Organizations In and Around Killeen TXDrug testing services can be a complicated task. What tests should be ordered? How fast can the results get back to us? Which type of drug testing screen is appropriate for the patient? These are all great questions that the professionals at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC can help you answer. We are a drug testing lab serving organizations in and around San Marcos, TX. Interested in blood drug testing? This is yet another screening that Texas Genetic Labs, LLC now offers.

Blood Drug Testing

Most commonly, people tend to order a urine drug test for generalized results. Ordering this test is completely appropriate in most cases. However, what if you need to know what drug it was that a patient recently took and what if you needed it quickly? This is where blood drug testing can come into play. While not common, this test is offered for all the facilities that we work for. Generally, providers opt out of this screening as the drug concentrations can be much lower than other sample tests, like urine for example. The fact of the matter is that certain drugs only remain traceable in the blood for a few hours, while urine, hair, and even oral testing may last a little longer. So when would this make sense? A prime example seems to be ETOH overdose. When is it safe to send someone home after they’ve been drinking too much alcohol. By doing blood drug testing, we can quickly see what their initial level was and then compare it to a later sample after treating the patient. The same can be said for many other types of overdose cases.

At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC we have all of the right knowledge and advanced technology to help you determine which screening is most important for your patient. Perhaps it’s urine, or blood, or perhaps it’s important to screen for both at the same time. Regardless of what test you may need to run, Texas Genetic Labs, LLC should be doing it. We offer fast turnaround times because we know just how important it is for you and your patient to receive those results. Every result we give comes along with an in-depth report for each test so that the provider will completely understand the end result. If any questions or concerns ever arise, we have laboratory technicians who are ready to take your calls every single day of the week. For more information about us and our service in the San Marcos, TX area, give Texas Genetic Labs, LLC a call today at (877) 375-2165.