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oral-fluid-testing-services-txTime is very valuable when it comes to drug testing. Choosing between the various types of drug tests to have performed can be a tough decision. As a Texas testing lab, the team at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, offer a wide range of testing options. Depending on your situation however, there may be some advantages to utilizing an oral fluid test. If you are needing a drug test that can test for drugs being used on the same day, there is no better testing option than oral fluid testing. If you run a medical facility in Texas, count on our confidential and experienced staff to handle all of your drug testing needs.

The Key Advantages of Oral Fluid Testing

When comparing oral fluid testing against our other testing services like urine drug testing or hair drug testing, we in no way are saying the alternatives are not great options. Simply put, oral fluid testing provides certain advantages that the other testing options don’t provide. These key advantages include:

  • Instant Detection – With oral fluid testing, drug use can be detected within the first few hours after someone has used drugs. Not only can oral testing handle drug detection for immediate use, but it can also detect drug use over the last 4 days.
  • Easy to Collect – Oral fluid tests can be collected just about anywhere. No bathroom is needed like with a urine test.
  • Measure Impairment Level – Oral testing provides more in depth results that can help you measure the individual’s actual level of impairment, rather than just a pass or fail test result.
  • Easier Monitoring – There is a much lower risk that test results will be tampered when utilizing oral fluid testing. With urine testing, there is a higher chance that the test gets tampered with. With oral fluid testing, the entire process is done right in front of our experienced drug testing staff. This can help put an end to tampered drug tests!

Oral Fluid Testing at Trusted Texas Testing Lab

Not only do we offer high quality drug testing options to our clients, including oral fluid testing, but we also form partnerships that are built to last. We take pride in taking this part of the medical field off of your shoulders so that our customers can focus more on serving their patients. Whether you need assistance with athletic testing, pre-employment screenings, substance abuse treatment or criminal screenings, our team has you covered!

If you are ready for your medical facility in Texas to team up with a reliable drug testing laboratory, Texas Genetic Labs, LLC is the partner for you! Give us a call today at (877) 375-2165 and take advantage of the fine detail that oral fluid testing can provide.