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Fast Turnaround of Toxicology Test Results | Drug Testing Lab TXLittle Suzy had a little accident with Little Johnny about a month ago. When little Suzy missed her little period she marched right on over to the drug store and bought a little test. Unfortunately for little Suzy, the directions weren’t clear and something went wrong. Little Suzy didn’t see the little line that was supposed to be there. All of a sudden, little Suzy has a big problem…and she doesn’t even know it yet!

Accurate labs aren’t just important in pregnancy, they are important in drug tests too! When you order a toxicology test, you expect your results to be accurate. By partnering with Texas Genetic Labs, LLC., you can be confident that every toxicology report given will be done with the highest of standards! We understand the importance of state of the art testing services and we proudly offer a variety of drug testing services in Texas and to anyone in need!

Quality Control Standards

If little Suzy had the proper training for state of the art testing, it’s likely she would have known that their little accident prompted another little being! Unfortunately, little Suzy may not find out until much later due to both human and product error. To ensure that a similar predicament doesn’t happen within our labs, we use quality control standards at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC. Whenever a sample is collected, we have an extremely strict chain of custody procedures we follow to ensure the integrity of our results for all samples we have. Our quality control processes are higher than any other lab and we pride ourselves in delivering high quality, efficient and most importantly, accurate results.

Variety of Toxicology Testing Offered

Depending on what you need, we can typically deliver. We are equipped to handle all different types of testing methods including: urine, hair and oral fluids. We are constantly monitoring new pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs and adding them to our list of test panels. We can test for hundreds of different drugs in our state of the art testing facility.

Rapid Results

While our quality control standards are rigorous and strict, it does not interrupt the urgency for rapid results. We strive to give fast and accurate data reports to the physician that has ordered them. Our testing labs are typically able to turn over toxicology reports within 32-48 hours. The results given also include an in-depth and comprehensive report outlining the findings.

To learn more information about Texas Genetic Labs, LLC and our accurate toxicology testing, give us a call today at (877) 375-2165.