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While there are other lab testing companies in Texas to choose from, at Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we make it simple to retrieve your accurate testing results quickly. Our secure, real-time reporting system allows you to access lab test results the instant they are available. Accurate Drug Testing With Quick […]

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At Texas Genetic Labs, LLC, we pride ourselves on being a premier place for all types of lab services. When we label ourselves as a “state of the art” lab testing facility, we really mean it! What exactly does it mean to be ‘state of the art’? The term, ‘state […]

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Investing in the right employees can make or break a company. If you are fooled during the interview process and decide to offer a potential employee a job without running any pre employment drug screens, you are setting yourself up for failure. Research has shown that drug use costs employers […]

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Urine testing is the first type of testing that comes to most people’s mind when they think of methods for drug testing. And while urine drug testing is the only type of drug testing that is approved for federally-mandated drug testing, there actually are several other types of drug testing […]

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The art of practicing medicine can be extremely difficult. We want the best for our patients and enjoy seeing them healthy. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Whether your patient is unknowingly taking improper prescription drugs, or choosing to abuse prescription drugs, it’s important to be aware. With over one-third […]

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With so many piss test cleaners and supplements on the market and the easy access that individuals have to them, the accuracy of drug screenings have never been more important. By simply searching how to pass a drug test on Google, you will get thousands of search results that range […]

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With Dallas, TX being the 3rd largest city in Texas, and ninth largest in the USA, it is no surprise that drug use is a common issue that plagues this community. Gaining access to drugs is not very difficult, largely in part to Dallas being relatively close to the Mexico […]

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It is no secret that illegal drug use is a major problem in our country.  The National Institute on Drug Use estimates that the abuse of drugs including alcohol, tobacco and other illegal drugs costs our country more than $700 billion each year, primarily in lost work productivity, health care […]

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